A Partner to Court Reporting Agencies

vTestify recognizes the busy world court reporting agencies live in each day. Our platform has been designed to simplify the scheduling and proceedings of remote depositions. Scheduling depositions is simple without hoops to jump through; invitations can quickly be shared to clients using a direct email invitation or by utilizing a unique shareable link to all parties.

For production teams, we have made post-deposition deliverables available immediately following the proceeding. This enables your team to access .MP3 audio, .MP4 videos, and .PDF exhibits instantly enabling them to focus on getting deliverables to your client as quickly as possible. By integrating the latest in industry technology, like RealTime by CaseView Net, the platform is truly built for legal.

Your time is valuable, which is why vTestify has dedicated teams committed to your company’s support and success. The support team is US-based and available for technical assistance during any of your proceedings. We are committed to resolving any difficulties you may face quickly as possible, with the average resolution time being less than 15 minutes. Our Support Team also maintains a robust Knowledgebase, FAQ, Training Guides, and Tutorials, enabling you to educate your team at your convenience and make the most out of the vTestify platform. The Success Team will assist you in creating custom marketing campaigns, materials, and provide demo and sales support unique to your clients.

A Smart Platform for Court Reporting Agencies

vTestify was created to simplify the lives of not just attorneys and court reporters, but the agencies as well. As the world continues to shift to a more remote setting, time is at a premium. By partnering with vTestify, you can make your next remote deposition a breeze and welcome your clients into a new era of remote litigation.