The creation of a clear record can be an especially difficult duty in remote proceedings. vTestify takes a different approach to the common issues that court reporters experience regularly on remote depositions.

The vTestify platform has several tools that ease the burdens of the court reporter creating a clear transcript.

  • Noise suppression is built into the platform 
  • Speech diarization allows the easy isolation of each attendee’s audio 
  • ScriptSync, a smart assistant, records each individual attendee in their own channel
  • Speech-to-text technology assists the reporter in searching for key sections of the record to review

These smart features help to reduce issues like crosstalk, which can add a lot of time to transcript production.

Court reporters trying to complete expedited transcripts, roughs, or multiple jobs are also assisted with our post proceeding asset access. The platform makes conversion from MP4 video to MP3 audio easy direct file downloads and built in file conversion tools. ScriptSync, the smart assistant, is automatically synced with the deposition recording and can be viewed inside of the platform. This allows for keyword searching, speech isolation, and quick testimony review for the court reporter.

The platform also gives attorneys the ease of use to navigate through a remote deposition themselves, with minimal intervention from the court reporter. Attorneys may upload, stamp, and share exhibits with the platform automatically giving the reporter access. Sidebar rooms are accessible when off the record, eliminating the need for a host to designate and move people around.

The Smart Platform for the Busy Court Reporter

vTestify is built to be the smartest platform for court reporters. We also have our in-house and highly trained support staff ready to assist if needed. To ensure the success of proceedings, vTestify goes above and beyond the abilities of ad-hoc tools and actively works with users to constantly improve and streamline the process for our valued court reporters.