Terrie Campbell and Ari Kaplan discuss the changing court reporting industry, Esquire Deposition Solutions' new partnership with vTestify, and the trajectory of remote proceedings.

With the goal of driving improved and consistent operating practices for Esquire’s organization Terrie Campbell has made waves in the industry. eLitigate, a built-for-legal, virtual proceeding platform helped usher in a new era of court reporting through the standardization and optimization of remote depositions.

In her recent interview with Ari Kapalan, Terrie said that their desire to “be more efficient and create a better experience for attorneys” was a driving factor in their adoption of remote technology.

They then discussed the Esquire-vTestify partnership and how the eLitigate platform, powered by vTestify, provides Esquire clients with a truly seamless end-to-end experience. This is different than generic video conferencing tools that can be considered general use products. 

Terrie Campbell 

Terrie Campbell  – CEO at Esquire Deposition Solutions, LLC.
As CEO, Terrie is committed to premium client care and the orchestration of all areas within the organization to achieve optimum effectiveness, allowing true innovation within the court reporting and deposition services industry.