In the age of technology and remote work, the legal industry has been forced to improvise with ad-hoc tools like Zoom, OneDrive, Teams, leaving the extra work on reporting agencies to fill the gaps that exist for virtual legal proceedings. vTestify has been developing their premier platform for about 6 years. During the pandemic, the legal industry was forced to quickly adapt. As a company we pushed to meet the needs of the legal industry, with the vision of increasing access to justice, even while facing a global pandemic.

The vTestify platform is purpose built to meet the current workflows of legal professionals all while bringing the tools needed for these professionals into an all-in-one platform. vTestify integrates video conferencing, exhibit management, an AI speech to text confidence monitor, HD recording, simple sidebar rooms, secure screen sharing, and instant post-proceeding asset access into one easy to use platform. This passion for legal technology makes remote legal proceedings as straightforward as the in-person proceedings legal professionals are used to.

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