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Welcome Jerome – Our Latest Intern

We are excited to have Jerome join our team as a summer intern here at vTestify.  He has been here a couple of weeks and already has made a great impact on the company.  I’ll let Jerome introduce himself to you below.  Keep up the great work Jerome!

I’ve worked in many startup businesses during my internship career, but none have given me the same experience as working at vTestify.

My name is Jerome Boyce and I am currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science while playing collegiate soccer at the prestigious Shaw University. I am originally from the island of Barbados. It’s a small island located in the Caribbean. If you have heard of Rihanna, or ever drunk any form of rum, you should know of Barbados. I have been studying computer science since the age of 16. From the time I had the ability to crawl, I have had a profound interest in any form of technology.

My profound interest to study Computer Science led me to Shaw University, here in Raleigh, NC where I recently just completed my freshman year. Dr. Williams, my advisor, continuously preached his main message at the beginning of the semester which was, “Get a summer internship and build upon your work experience early in your college career”. His message really resonated with me so I decided to go about contacting local tech companies in the area. I was then called in for an interview and offered an internship position here at the company.

Here at vTestify, I have been learning a lot about how the legal system works in America, with regards to depositions and how technology can make the process 10x better while saving law firms thousands of dollars. So far I have been working on testing and developing vTestify products and working on developing and maintaining the company’s website. I have learned a lot of new HTML code and some new CSS styles which I can apply to future website design projects I will complete in the future. I enjoy the company atmosphere, the unity they share in office and the overall cooperative effort they share in getting tasks accomplished.

-Jerome the Intern

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